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Thomas Wise

Thomas Wise is a life long resident of Pennsylvania. He studied at the University of Delaware, where he was the recipient of a Master of Fine Arts degree. Mr. Wise also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Philadelphia College of Art (The University of the Arts) and is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and York Academy of Arts, York, Pennsylvania. He has studied with such renowned artists as: Charles Rowe, Will Barnet, Hobson Pittman and Walter Stuempfig.

Thomas Wise was a founder of the Pennsylvania School of Art (Pennsylvania School of Art and Design) and was the first Dean of Administration at the institution. Prior to his position with the Pennsylvania School of Art, Mr. Wise taught at York Academy of Arts. The subjects he taught were Design, Artistic Anatomy, Figure Drawing, Figure Painting, Painting, Drawing and Color Theory.

Upon leaving his administrative position at the Pennsylvania School of Art, Mr. Wise devoted himself full-time to his art. His artistic and creative output has been extensive. It has manifested itself in many areas of fine art painting and graphic prints. Commercial print editions have been produced from his watercolor and oil paintings. Non-commercial print editions have been produced in his studio on a stone lithography press. The portraitures, by Thomas Wise, both formal and informal, are in collections of individuals, institutions and corporations. His illustrations have been used commercially. Mr. Wise’s designs have been employed and licensed by national and international companies for use in a variety of products.

For the past four years Thomas Wise has devoted his time exclusively to his watercolor paintings, which are exhibited in competitions and marketed through galleries.

Thomas Wise is a member of The Society of Illustrators, New York; where he has received their Merit Award for his work and is a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and the Philadelphia Watercolor Society. Mr. Wise is also a member of local and regional organizations which have honored his works. Within the past 16 months, he has been the recipient of these national and international awards:

          American Watercolor Society 135th Annual Exhibition - Samuel Leitman  Memorial Award
Select piece ‘Crayfish King’ chosen for the Annual Traveling Exhibition

          Side-by-Side International Show 2002 - Dana Bartlett Award
National Watercolor Society and Philadelphia Watercolor Society Show

          Philadelphia Watercolor Society 101st International Exhibit - Members Award       

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s International Show - Arches Award

Art critics have characterized the works by Thomas Wise as realistic.
Over the years his art has evolved, but the core philosophy, which anchors his works, remains a constant. It is a philosophy influenced by his teacher Walter Stuempfig, from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Mr. Stuempfig would say, “You have to be in love with the subject to paint it.” Combine this influence with Mr. Wise’s own childhood, where his personal vision was formed and one can reflect on Thomas’ quote “That the essence of life and art is found in simple everyday things.” The subject matter he paints is based upon familiar scenes, objects and people within his environment. Mr. Wise states, “What I paint of the external world is a reflection of what I have identified within myself. I paint not only to capture the illusion of an object, but more important, to express its symbolic relationship to my life.” It is accomplished through dramatic light, rich paint surfaces and skillful draftsmanship.